Iftar Ramadhan at Rumah Bakti Al-Kausar, Bangi (30.06.2016)

The loss of one or both parents is a traumatic and harsh reality for thousands of children in Malaysia. Children are the most vulnerable members of society who need consistent and comprehensive care and support to grow and prosper. ComSoc/VTS truly support this vision, and this year on June 6, 2016, we have organized an Iftar event at the Rumah Bakti Al-Kausar, Bangi. This event was coordinated by Dr. Mardeni and other ComSoc/VTS members who broke their fasting together, and pray for all the kids throughout the world, for their happiness, wellness and successful future.

– Provide support to unfortunate people
– Enhance the visibility of IEEE and ComSoc/VTS organization in community services

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